Monday, 19 December 2011

How to Describe You.....

I want to take every spiritual aspirant along on the path of progress and I will certainly help him unless he himself is unwilling to proceed.

How can it be that I will leave anybody half way in his spiritual journey! The progress of a particular person depends on the situation in which he is. Till such time as he keeps himself away from the path of devotion, he will be away from the Guru's protection. Kripalu will also be kind to take him again in his fold, even though that person had committed innumerable sins before..

My Master protects me every moment by keeping himself awake. He doesn't eat anything but feeds me whatever I like. He never leaves me alone. How can I leave the company of such a Master of mine, to live with someone else?

God and the Saints are the two personalities who may appear as if They ere not part of a sadhak's existence by Their external behavior; They can make him feel the pangs of separation, whereas in fact They are never separate from him internally. Even when our mortal body leaves us They continue to be with us. They are with us even in the hell and also in the Vaikunth, the abode of Vishnu. We should never entertain the thought that They will leave us alone. We should not only think but feel so....

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