Saturday, 10 December 2011

Anupam neelo tanu sarkar.....

Anupam neelo tanu sarkar.

Kou kaha indraneel mani sam kou, neela jalada anuhar.

Kou kaha neela kamala sama neelo, tanu chhavi Nanda-kumar.

In teenon ka prithak prithak hai, gun budha karahu vichar.

Yate in tinon ke guna ka, mishrana kar taiyar.

Puni usamen mishran karu chinmaya, prem sudha ras-sar.

Kaha ‘Kripalu’ tanu upama as jas, tanu Vrishbhanu-dular.

The beautiful blue-complexion of Shri Krishna’s divine body is unmatched anywhere. Some Rasik Saints have compared it to a blue sapphire, others to a bluish rain-laden cloud. Some Rasik Saints have said Krishna’s beautiful complexion is like a blue lotus. A sapphire, cloud and lotus all have different unique qualities. A sapphire is smooth with a sparkling blue radiance. A bluish cloud is soft and cool. A blue lotus is refreshing and fragrant. If all of these unique qualities were mixed together, And then they were combined with the nectar of divine love, this would to some extent give an idea of the beauty of Shri Krishna’s blue complexion. According to Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, the transcendental divine form of Shri Krishna can only truly be compared to the divine form of Shri Radha. (Although Saints use material examples to help us visualise Shri Krishna’s divine form, in reality, it has no comparison to anything in the material world.)

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