Saturday 21 September 2013


There are only two areas in the world. One is Divine,Satya and the other is Material,Asatya. God and his saints who are beyond Maya alone are 'satya'. Association with them through the complete involvement of the mind and intellect is referred to as 'satsanga', 'divine association'. Anything or anyone else apart from this naturally comes under the three modes of Maya-'Tamasa','Rajasa' and 'Sattvik'. Therefore,association with this area is referred to as 'Kusanga','Material association'.In short,whatever leads to the attachment of the mind and intellect to the divine is "Satsanga",apart from this,everything else is "Kusanga" or 'wrong association'.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Oh my mind.....


Oh my mind! Use each and every precious moment of life to lovingly chant Shri Radha’s name. Shri Radha’s name is chanted not only by the three spiritual governors of this world (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva), but also by the supreme Lord, Shri Krishna, Himself. It was through the chanting Shri Radha’s name that Lord Shiva was able to assume the form of a Gopi during the age of Dwapar Yuga and experience the nectar of divine love bliss in the pastime of mahārāsa. The rasika Saints, through their causeless grace, have made available to you the treasure of the name, ‘Shri Radhey’, which is unattainable even through the Vedas. No sooner does a devotee in distress call out to Her, saying ‘Radhey!’ from the bottom of his heart, than Shri Radha leaves Her divine abode and comes running to him with a deep longing to grace him. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji says, “Since finding the priceless gem in the form of the name ‘Shri Radhey’ through the grace of the rasika Saints, now I have no concern with this material world.”

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Teri meharbani ka hai bojha itna.....

Teri meharbani ka hai bojha itna,
ki main to uthane ke kabil nahin hun.

My Lord, You have bestowed so much grace on me, that I am unable to lift this heavy load. I have come to You fully knowing that I am not worthy of coming to You. My strong desire for the world made me forget myself and my lips never uttered Your name. I am an offender and sinner; I am not worthy of showing my face to You. You gave me life, but I did not glorify You in life. I am so indebted to you for Your grace, that I am unable to repay my debt. I know You are the supreme Provider, yet how can I ask You for anything? What you have given me already, I am not able to contain. My only desire now is to bow my head and see You in my heart. Oh, my Lord! Except for my heart, I have nothing to offer You.

Monday 28 May 2012

Kabaunka Kari Karuna nara dehi...

!! कबहूँक करि करुणा नर देही !!

भगवान ने दया करके मानव देह दिया और आप लोग जब गर्भ में थे तब वादा किया था की महाराज बहुत दु:ख मिल रहा है माँ के पेट में, गंदगी में, सिर नीचे पैर ऊपर कितना कोमल शरीर, हमको निकालो, आपका ही भजन करेंगे आपको पाने का उपाय खोजेंगे अबकी बार मुझे निकालो । और बाहर आया मम्मी ने कहा ए मेरा भजन कर, पापा ने कहा ए मैं तेरा हूँ । यह सब लोगों ने धोखा देकर बेचारे को बेबकूफ बना दिया, भगवान को दिया हुआ वादा भूल गया और भगवान को इन लोगों को भजने लगा । और अगर जागा भी, कोई संत मिल गया और जगा दिया तो कल से करेंगे, अवश्य करेंगे अवश्य । आज जरा काम आ गया कल से करेंगे अवश्य

तन का भरोसा नहीं गोविंद राधे ।
जाने कब काल तेरा तन छिनवा दे ॥

Sunday 27 May 2012

Hamari Radhey....


Hamari Radhey, deenan ki rakhavar.
Deen pukar sunat hi dhavati, tanik na lavati bar.
Jogi japi tapi sadhan-bal, khojat nipat gamar.
Panch prapanch na chhutat ranchak, bahey siddhi majhadhar.
Jehi ras lagi hari har tarsat so, barsat yehi darbar.
Piyat ‘Kripalu’ soi ras japar, kripa karati sukumar.

A devotee says, “Our Radhey is the protector of destitutes.” As soon as She hears a destitute soul calling out for Her, She goes to him without even a moment’s delay. Those who practice yoga, worshiping rituals and severe austerities ignorantly attempt to attain Her grace through the strength of their own efforts. The desires of their senses are not completely destroyed and due to this they fall into the trap of yogic powers. That divine love-bliss, which even Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva long for, is causelessly showered on the humble and destitute souls in the court of Shri Radha. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “Oh, Kishori Ji! He alone can drink the nectar of this divine love bliss who is blessed with Your causeless grace.”

Thursday 24 May 2012

There are three conditions....

There are three conditions that a practitioner of the path of bhakti must fulfill. He should be more humble than a blade of grace. (When we walk on grass, it simply bows under the pressure of our feet with no resistance.) We should be as tolerant as a tree (which without complaint allows itself to be plundered for its fruits, leaves and branches). We should offer only respect to others and never expect the same for ourselves. To try to be called good or to be seen as good in the eyes of others makes us fall in our devotion. We should instead try to actually become good. For example, when someone criticises you, you feel bad. You become angry with that person and feel he is your foe. You continuously think of him with animosity. We harm ourselves greatly when we do this. Instead of bringing God and Guru into our mind, we have given a place in our mind to a mayic soul. By doing so we are simply increasing the impurity of the mind, not decreasing it. It is a fact that until one attains God realisation, one is completely under the control of Maya. This means that all the mayic defects such as anger, lust, greed, attachment, pride and so on, will also remain in our minds. Along with this, the consequences of all our actions from countless births also remain with us, because these consequences are only destroyed through God’s grace after God realisation. As Shri Krishna says in the Gita,

Aham tvam sarvapapebhyo mokshayishyami ma shuchah. (18/66)

As a soul has had uncountable births and in all those births we have performed every kind of action, then if someone calls us lustful, hot-tempered, greedy, sinful, mean, unprincipled, or wicked, then what is wrong with that? We should happily accept the truth and try to rectify that fault.
When we introduce an ordinary police officer to someone as a police officer, he doesn’t feel bad and say, “Why didn’t you introduce me as a detective or a police chief?” This is, after all, his position. Saint Tulsidas says,

Nindak niyare rakhiye aangan kuti chhavay.

The one who criticises us is actually our well-wisher. If a snake or scorpion were crawling on our back and if someone were to warn us, “Hey! Look out!” We would consider that person our well-wisher. In fact, all Saints who have attained God and gone beyond Maya express the acceptance of one’s faults in their writings,

 Mo sam kaun kutil khal kami.

“There is no one as deceptive, wicked and worldly as I.” A true Saint doesn’t possess any of these qualities, but we definitely do. Still we feel bad when someone criticises us and thus we harm our devotional progress greatly. Another point we must understand is that the only time we utilise correctly is when our mind remains attached to God. So during the course of one day, how much does our mind remain attached to God? Think about it. Repeatedly reflect, “The consequences of all the wrong actions I have ever performed in countless past lifetimes are still with me. Plus I have performed uncountable wrong actions in this birth. Still, I can’t stand before God and shed tears asking for His forgiveness. Shame on my understanding!”

You have to repeatedly promise yourself that you will not feel bad if someone tells you your faults. Practise will lead to success. Every day before going to sleep at night ask yourself, “How many times did I fail to tolerate someone’s criticism today?” The next day be more careful so you don’t commit the same mistake. With this kind of regular practise, you will stop feeling bad.

 You should also remember that Shri Krishna is seated in our hearts, noting all our thoughts. If we feel animosity towards someone, how will He grace us? These faults will decrease if we are aware of His presence everywhere, which means we will also be doing continuous remembrance. Don’t feel animosity towards the one who criticises you; Shri Krishna also dwells in his heart, too. Instead remain neutral. Request God repeatedly,

 Yadi dainyam tvatkripaheturna tadasti mamanvapi.
Tam kripam kuru radhesh yatatey dainya mapnuyam.

“Oh Shri Krishna! You bestow grace on the base of one’s humility, but I am not humble at all. So first grace me so I may become humble!” While saying this, shed tears. You must definitely do this. The human birth is temporary, so quickly do this. You don’t know when your time will be up. I humbly request this of all of you.

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Char dina ki Bat...

Are man ! Char dina ki bat.
Nar tanu sharad chandani beetey, puni andhiyari rat.
Tu sovat kachu janat nahin, kal lagayo ghat.
Tajat na neend yadapi vishayan ke, chhin chhin jutey khat.
Avasar chuki phiriya chourasi, kar meenjat pachhitat.
Rasikan kahi ‘Kripalu’ manu gahu, yugal charan jaljat.

A devotee says, Oh my mind! This life lasts just a few days… After the light of the full moon of the autumn month in the form of this human body ends, then the dark night in the form of rebirth in the 8.4 million species of life is bound to follow. Lost in the deep slumber of ignorance, you are totally unaware that death is waiting every moment to make you its prey. Although you are constantly going through terrible suffering as a result of the fleeting happiness you receive from mundane desires, still you are not ready to abandon your sleep. Remember, if you lose this golden opportunity and don’t realise God while in this human form, you will wring your hands in remorse and wander here and there in vain in the other 8.4 million life forms. Therefore, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji says, “Accept and follow the teachings of Rasik Saints and surrender yourself at the lotus feet of the divine couple, Shri Radha Krishna.”