Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hamari Radhey....


Hamari Radhey, deenan ki rakhavar.
Deen pukar sunat hi dhavati, tanik na lavati bar.
Jogi japi tapi sadhan-bal, khojat nipat gamar.
Panch prapanch na chhutat ranchak, bahey siddhi majhadhar.
Jehi ras lagi hari har tarsat so, barsat yehi darbar.
Piyat ‘Kripalu’ soi ras japar, kripa karati sukumar.

A devotee says, “Our Radhey is the protector of destitutes.” As soon as She hears a destitute soul calling out for Her, She goes to him without even a moment’s delay. Those who practice yoga, worshiping rituals and severe austerities ignorantly attempt to attain Her grace through the strength of their own efforts. The desires of their senses are not completely destroyed and due to this they fall into the trap of yogic powers. That divine love-bliss, which even Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva long for, is causelessly showered on the humble and destitute souls in the court of Shri Radha. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “Oh, Kishori Ji! He alone can drink the nectar of this divine love bliss who is blessed with Your causeless grace.”

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