Friday, 11 May 2012

The Intellect's Decision...

Beyond the mind is the intellect. It is the intellect that decides, and it is the mind that desires. Sometimes mind and intellect are referred to collectively as just the mind; sometimes individually as the mind and intellect. If the mind which desires the world, is governed by the intellect that decides that there is no happiness in the world, detachment from the world will come about naturally. We see that desires are unending. When one desire is fulfilled, many more are born. Although an individual keeps getting older, his desires are constantly rejuvenating themselves. According to scriptures, a wealthy man is not one who possesses more; he is one who desires less.

Since the body is the means through which one can fulfill the selfish motive of the soul, it is very important to take care of the physical body. Consequently, Materialism is important. However, the material world does not fulfill the purpose of the soul. For the soul, Spiritualism is absolutely necessary.

Materialism should be accepted in small limits, but Spiritualism should be embraced without abandon. Why? Because true happiness, i.e. unending, everlasting, and ever-increasing happiness is found only in God, not the material world.

Detachment from the world is not enough to take us to God. We need to find out which are the paths leading to God.

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