Monday, 19 December 2011

(Avadhardani).. All Benevolent....

Acts of giving or donation are of three kinds. One is that in which a person donates money or things to sub serve his selfish motive. Another is one which is given selflessly as charity. Yet another kind of donation is called avadhar daan.

You know well about the donation given for a selfish motive. In fact, you people often make this kind of donation. You give money to your father, mother, spouse, son and also to a shopkeeper who gives you some article of your use in return. This comes under the category of selfish donation which means giving money or something and expecting something else in return. so the people in the world are by and large selfish and whatever they do for others has always some motive behind it.

In your families whenever there is a girl's marriage ceremony, the invitees bring along gifts of different values. You make a note of gifts and their respective value against the name of each invitee. It is because whenever there is similar occasion in the family of the invitee, you are obliged to give a gift in return. This is the kind of gift or donation which is given with a motive or expectation. People may say outwardly that they do not want anything in return. But inwardly they do expect. If your husband or wife is ill, you keep awake all night long to attend on him on her. why do you do it? For, if the other person dies then you will lose whatever you are expecting from that person, while he or she is living. Your purpose will not be served. That is why we make sacrifices, donations and suffer inconveniences. This kind of generosity with selfish motive can be found in abundance all over the world.

The real donation is one which is done without any motive or exception behind it. Only God or the saints show this kind of generosity. They do not have any motive or selfishness behind Their acts of giving. The motive of people in general is attainment of bliss and freedom from the bondage of maya. About God, there is no question of his ever having a selfish motive. He is the embodiment of infinite bliss. A nitya siddh saint has also never ever been under the influence of maya. So far about the sadhan siddh saints, those who were earlier selfish and under maya's influence, have become free from these twin evils after God realization.

Now what are they to do? Either They should not do anything, or if They have to do something, They should do it for others. Because there is nothing left or needed that They would do for themselves. So if God and the Saints give away something, whether by Their words or deeds, They will invariably do it for others without any selfish motive. But there too is a condition. They give it to a person in proportion of his degree of surrender. You can call it a donation or the Grace. God says that the amount of His grace or divine gift to a person depends on the degree of his surrender to Him. it means that in that donation too there is a condition about the degree of one's surrender.

The selfless offering of God and the saints is conditioned by the degree of your surrender to Them. If there were no such condition all living beings would benefit equally. If the amount of Grace showered on an individual soul is disproportionately high compared to the degree of his surrender which is very little, it is a special kind of grace. Only Radha Rani can do it. Therefore, She is called Avadhardani.

When we look at the way Shri Maharaj ji showers grace, we feel that he is All Merciful Radha Rani in a different form. He says that he has stopped noticing others' faults and he has abundance of grace for everybody. That is his real self...

My beloved Radhey is an endless ocean of the nectar of Divine love. She eternally resides in Divine vrindaban. She is served and attended by Krishn, the supreme God. Mohan Krishn presses the feet of the Governess of His heart, soul-beloved Radha Rani. O Radhey! There is no one in the world as merciful as You. he ca uselessly bestows Her Grace upon all the souls. I was ignorant since eternity but now I know the greatness of Radha Rani. Lakchmi and Brahmani (Saraswati) are engrossed in the love of Radha. O, oy sweet Radhey! please make me Your own. Please call me to Your abode just once, as I am Your own.

To experience the Bliss of maharas, Lord Shiv assumed the form of a Gopi (Shivani). Those Gyanies who have attained the Bliss of impersonal brahm wring their hands in regret when they think of the incomparable Bliss of Radha's love. Now I have understood Your greatness with the Grace of Your rasik saints. Even Goddess Lakchmi and Brahmani (Saraswati) desire for the foot dust of Shree Radha.

O Radha Rani Avadhardani! please think of me and come to me! There is no in the world who is so kind and liberal in showering Divine love as my Beloved Radha Rani.....

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