Monday, 5 December 2011

Gaho Re Man...

गहो रे मन ! श्याम चरण शरणाई ।
अंत समय कोउ काम न अइहैं मात पिता सुत भाई ।
काम क्रोध... अरु लोभ मोह मद इन सों कछु न बसाई ।
यह जग मृग तृष्णा सम दिखत सुख लवलेश न पाई ।
धन यौवन तन छन भंगुर सब ज्यों कपूर उडि जाई ।
...बहुरि 'कृपालु' न नर तनु पाइय बिगरी लेहु बनाई ॥
(Prem Ras Madira)
O mind! Take shelter of Shyamsunder's soft Lotus Feet.
Ones you call your own: mother, father, brother and son, will not accompany you after death.
Moreover, there is no other way of escaping from the clutches of demons like Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Pride.
This world is like a mirage, containing not even a trace of happiness..
Wealth, youth and life are temporary, disappearing like camphor.
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “O mind! You will not be blessed with a human body again and again. Therefore, do not delay in improving your pitiable condition.”

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