Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The words of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj..

The words of Jagadguru Shree kripaluji Maharaj

Remember, that whenever any finally believes that Radha Krishn and Their name are one and the same and both have exactly the same Divine virtues and powers, at the very moment the soul becomes God realized; write it down in golden words.

God is so Gracious, He says, “I am omnipresent everywhere, but (O souls) you don’t recognize Me; I am in Golok, but there you cannot come; I am in your heart, but you don’t realize it; for your convenience I have thus kept ‘Myself’ in My ‘name’ and have revealed it in the world.”

Whenever your mind will fully conceive this Divine reality that I am truly and totally in My name, your voice will be choked while taking My name and even once when you will say “Radhey” your whole being will be thrilled with the excessive love; your mind will be drowned and your heart will be unceasingly overwhelmed with the felicity of the exhilarating Bliss of the name. Thus there is no delay in God realization and receiving the Divine Grace of your Master (Guru). Trust in these words,and see what your Master and krishn do for you...

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