Monday, 29 August 2011

Shri Radha Rani..

Shri Radha Rani...

Shri Radha (Bhanudular) is standing in a flowery bower.Her golden crown is decorated with sparkling precious stones and strings of tiny pearls.Her braided hair is ankle-long and is very black, thick and curly.Flower-shaped earrings studded with gems are adorning Her ears and a red bindi glorifies Her forehead.Her eyes are naturally black, full of divine love, slightly red intoxicated. Extremely beautiful facial adornments such as a forehead pendant, a nose-pearl, and a nose-ring are shimmering . Her shining white teeth, revealed by Her sweet smiles, defy even the radiance of the moon.She is wearing a beautiful blouse with pearl necklaces that are embracing Her neck. Her gorgeous blue sari looks uniquely exquisite. The golden bangles around Her wrists, t he golden belt with tinkling bells around Her waist and the jingling golden anklets embracing Her feet are producing a combined sound that is indescribably enchanting! Her feet are decorated with pink mihāvara, Her hands with red mehendi, and a enchanting red silky chunarī is adorning Her head. Seeing the radiant beauty of Shri Radha..

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