Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Practical Form of Devotion...

The Practical Form of Devotion...

Dear souls, do devotion. do devotion and do devotion. Only by doing proper devotion you will attain your beloved Krishn's Divine love. The first step of devotion is to have full faith in the true Spiritual Master (the Divine Guru) and surrender to his lotus feet. True surrender is to join your mind with the Divine Guru (obey his instructions without any questions or hesitation). Serve the Guru with your body, mind and wordly possessions. Obtain the true knowledge of soul, maya and God from the Guru. Understand from the Guru, your true relationship with your beloved God. Do not think that there is even the slightest difference between God and Guru. The most important thing in devotion is that devotion should be done by the mind, and not only by physical senses. Mind alone is the cause of both, liberation and bondage.

First meditate upon the form of Krishn according to your liking. Meditation means lovingly remembering Krishn (Radha Krishn) while trying to imagine that He is present near you in His Divine form. Loving meditation is the life of devotion. Without true meditation devotion is like a body without life. Have krishn (in your desired form) seated in front of you and then do the devotion. Increase the feeling of longing for the Divine vision of krishn. Shedding the tears of love (in His separation) ask krishn for His Divine love and Divine vision.Even by mistake, do not ask for wordly happiness or any kind of liberation (from krishn). Detach your mind from the world and attach it to Krishn. Practice this again and again, all the time. Feel that krishn is with you everywhere and all the time. Never feel that you are alone (krishn is not with you).When you inhale say ‘Ra’ in your mind. When you exhale say ‘dhey’ in your mind and remember Radha. Always keep your mind absorbed in Radha Krishn and your beloved Guru. Understand the fact that your desirous mind is your enemy and do not listen to it. Whether krishn gives you His ivine vision or not you must keep on shedding the tears of love and longing continuously. Keep this faith in your mind that one day Radha Krishn will surely come to you (in Their Divine form). Keep on waiting for His Grace, and you will surely receive it. Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj says that one day Radha Krishn will definitely Grace you and will come to you.

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