Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Tajjapastadarth bhavanam

This Sootra from Yog Darshan instructs us to develop the appropriate sentiments while
speaking words in front of God. We must meditate using the mind. You have taken out
five minutes of your time for the daily prayer and for arti. But use that time properly.
The prayer you recite is one of utmost humility, and I have filled it with the essence of
Vedas and Shastras. Have you ever reflected on even one line of this prayer? Every
line is filled with such depth but you recite it so carelessly. Without any feeling you are
reciting, “Ab to bahut ho chuka. Ab to tumhare prem ke bina…” You utter dry, hollow
words. How must God feel as He listens to you? I feel so badly; I can’t imagine how
badly God must feel. God must be thinking, “He is trying to make a fool out of me.”
You people perform Guru-arti, but there is no concern with the mind.

You speak exactly like a parrot. You sing pads like, ‘Deenanath mohi kaahe bisare.’ (O
Lord of destitute souls! Why have You forsaken me?) And yet you don’t shed a single
tear. You have no feeling within as you say to God, “I am a sinner of great
proportions.” You don’t ever scold your mind. ‘O mind! You think yourself to be so
capable. What are you saying, and what are you thinking?’ And you do this on a daily
basis. It’s not as if you are careless once or twice. So, this is not good. You are
harming yourselves greatly. You have been blessed with God’s Grace, you have
attained the human birth; someone has come into your life to explain Godly knowledge.
You have attained the scriptural knowledge that you would not have attained even
after reading scriptures for millions of years. And it’s not as if you have memorized the
knowledge; you have accepted the knowledge from your heart. You have now
understood what has to be done. Moreover, you see very clearly that tomorrow may
not belong to you. What if your heart stops beating? What if you die? What explanation
will you give to God? “You bestowed tremendous grace on me; You brought a saint
into my life, I understood what the saint explained to me, but I still did what my mind
wanted to do. I remained a slave of the mind, doing exactly what it wanted me to do.

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