Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The significance of 'fact' and 'faith'..

Fact and Faith. Most of the people believe that if they are sincere in their deeds and are faithfully following a path, it may lead them to God, but it is not true. Faith has its own quality and fact has its own status. You cannot change ferrum into gold by faithfully worshipping it. One thing you must know is that the depth of your faith opens up a channel to receive the innate quality of that religion or person you are following or worshipping. If it is a worldly religion where worship to god/God is meant for only worldly benefits, you receive only materiality through it because your faithfulness has opened up a link between your subtle mind and the underlying material qualities of the minds of the promoters of that religion. So, slowly and continuously your subconscious mind is being fed with such mayic qualities but your conscious mind, in the ardor of your faithfulness, fails to comprehend it, until it is too late. For similar reasons if a person faithfully follows a religious teacher or a narrator of the stories of Ram and Krishn etc., his mind will absorb the mental qualities of the teacher or the narrator, whatever it may be, hypocritical, malicious, evil, worldly, sensuous, pious, Divine or devotional; because the speech contains the inner personality of the speaker. So, give it a thought, and follow the true path of Divine worship.

What are the intuitions?

Some people, out of ignorance, call their intuitions as a suggestion of God. But you should know that intuitions are also of three kinds, tamas, rajas and sattvic which are related to the three kinds of people, evil, normal and pious. They are only the vivid reflections of your own subconscious mind which are induced by the conditioned reflexes of your own past lives’ actions called the sanskars. That’s how sometimes a person feels that his intuitions have guided him, but, in fact, they are just the stronger subconscious thoughts that emerge into your conscious mind.

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