Sunday, 15 January 2012


Remember that you must always have positive thinking when you are in the process of surrendering to God and the Guru. Keep practicing it. Do not listen to, read or think anything else. Whenever you tend to listen to, read or think something else, be on your guard immediately. Like, while you are chewing food and suddenly you find grit in between your teeth. So what you do is throw it out. But in case you go on chewing that also, people will say you are crazy. Similarly, whenever a negative thought enters your mind you must expel it immediately. Do not entertain it. You already know it that such thoughts are harmful and still you have entertained them. Why, then, were you not alert enough and why did you not curse yourself for being so negligent? Why did you not start contemplating immediately?
You know that contemplation has boundless strength. It can make you a demon or a saint. It depends on your direction of contemplation. As you think so you will be. If you think of good things, you will be good. If you think on the evils, you will be evil. Your rise and fall depend on your thinking. So do not keep your mind idle. Do not let it be influenced by the company of the wrong people. Do not listen to the wrong people. Throw out all their words which you have heard, just as you spit out the grit which was mixed with your food. Always retain the thought of your Guru in your mind and heart.

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