Monday, 28 November 2011

God Bliss.....

God is Bliss and every soul is (unknowingly) aspiring for the same Bliss. Maharaji Kripalu says that every living being in the world is a theist. Even if one tries for countless ages, he cannot become an atheist. The reason is that even the atheist is looking for perfect happiness or bliss. This Bliss is synonymous with God. So, aspiring for perfect happiness automatically proves that he is aspiring for God. Besides, even the atheist loves the Divine qualities like truthfulness, nonviolence, kindness, etc., (explained earlier). This again proves his love for God. According to Sage Valmiki, “Loke nahi…”

“There is not a single soul in the universe that is not a devotee of Lord Ram.” It is a different matter that we may not know the path to attain Him, and thus, we may be endeavoring in the wrong direction. Yet, the fact remains that subconsciously we do believe in God. If someone says that he has resolved to oppose God, then he is proved to be a believer in the existence of God. In our history Hiranyakashipu vehemently opposed God. Opposition is always for any existing power. If God does not exist, how could they oppose Him? It is also a historical fact that those demons, who opposed God, finally attained Him. The reason was that they had fixed their minds on God with feelings of great enmity. The Bhagwatam says that total absorption of the mind in God with any kind of emotion, favorable or unfavorable, leads to God realization.

It tells that if one unites his mind with God through any kind of emotion like lust, anger, fear, affection or friendship, the result will be God realization. Thus, the vehement opposer of God necessarily believes in the existence of God. Someone might say that he accepts the existence of God, but ask what is the necessity of worshipping Him. Just as we have the president of a country, God would be the president of the whole creation. We don’t worship our president. Such people should know that our relationship with the president of the country is very formal, while our relationship with God is unique, loving and eternal. Further, we are naturally attached to our self interest. Whatever fulfills our self interest, we naturally fall in love with that. This is our experience. We desire for unlimited and everlasting happiness. Such happiness could only be attained through God.

Thus, our most intimate relationship is with God. If somehow, it was possible to attain our goal of everlasting happiness from the material objects, then our relationship with God would have been similar to the president of the country, but it is not so. It is thus proved that only upon God realization we could become perfectly happy forever. Now, we will discuss about the path of God realization in the following chapters. It is the easiest thing, I can assure you. In fact, no arduous spiritual discipline is needed to realize Him. You may ask that if no arduous spiritual discipline is required, then why have we not attained the Divine Bliss up till now? Yes, the question is correct. This is exactly what we need to understand. Have patience and everything will become clear. First we must understand the nature of God. The Upnishad says, “Iha chedashak…”

“Having attained a human birth if you do not realize God, it would be the gravest mistake and you will have to go into the cycle of taking births in the 8,400,000 species of life.”

Thus, realize the importance of human life and understand the true path to God, so that you may attain your desired goal of experiencing the supreme Divine Bliss.

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